Buying a house or apartment in Spain is not complicated, but is a bit different from what we are used to. A property purchase takes about 6-8 weeks and everything is done in Spanish. There is a lot to keep track of, and we help you through this process. We recommend that you always hire a solicitor who will guide you through the legal process as well.

The procedure of buying a property in Spain is described below;

  1. Viewing and bidding.
  2. Reservation contract. When price and dates are agreed we make a reservation contract that both parts will sign. The buyer pays 6 000 € to either his lawyers account or his Real Estate agents client account. The property will now be removed from the market and the legal examination begins.
  3. Legal examination. Your solicitor contacts the vendors legal representant, and ask for all necessary documents in order to see that the property has no legal issues. E g debts, taxes, mortgages, that the property has no tenant or bindings what so ever.
  4. Private Purchase contract. Once the solicitor has checked everything and confirmed that everything is in order a private purchase contract is signed, stating all dates, payments and so on. Normally you pay 10 % of the agreed price minus the 6 000 that you payed in deposit.
  5. Title Deed (Escritura). In Spain the last step is meeting up at a notary. Here you sign all documents in order to purchase the property. The outstanding money is paid and keys are handed over to the buyer. From this point the buyer is the legal owner of the property. The title deed nees to be signed by three parts; Buyer – Vendor and Notary.
  6. Registration of the property. A few days after signing the title deeds can be retrieved from the notary and handed over to the property register. Now all costs, taxes, transfer fees and other legal expenses are paid. Your solicitor makes sure that all contracts like water, electricity, owner association etc is transferred to the buyer and paid by direct debet from your bank.

When you buy a property in Spain there is always some fees and costs that you must be aware of. It is some differences depending on if you buy a resale or a new production.

For a resale property the fees are: 8 % up to 400 000 €, 9 % between 400 000 – 699 999 € and 10 % over 700 000 €. This is a transfer fee everybody has to pay. In addition to this there is 2 % to the notary and land register and 1% + VAT to the solicitor.

For a new development the fees are; 10 % VAT, 1,5 % Stamp duty, 2 % fees to the notary and the land registry and 1 % + VAT to the solicitor.

Depending on how you finance the purchase there can be some additional costs in getting a mortgage.